Medium Duty Towing

medium duty towing

West Los Angeles Towing provides medium duty towing for all vehicles up to 16,000 pounds. With our fleet of medium-duty wreckers and flatbeds, we provide fast and affordable truck towing in Phoenix and throughout the Valley. With us, you save both time and money as their medium-duty fleet is priced at medium-duty rates.

Medium Duty Towing West Los Angeles

Using our fleet of medium-duty tow trucks and Landoll trailers, we can safely and reliably tow and transport any vehicle up to mid-size. Due to their compact size, these trucks offer superior maneuverability and reach when removing and securing vehicles trapped in tight spaces. All of our medium-duty tow trucks are powerful, durable, and robust.

Towing services include retrieving and recovering RVs, and we can accommodate recovery requirements up to 16,000 pounds. Some other medium-duty vehicles include:

  • Motorhomes
  • Delivery truck
  • Camper or recreational vehicle towing

These trucks are specialized to eliminate all contact of tow trucks and vehicles other than the rubber on a vehicle’s tire. They are designed with a highly advanced wheel-system design. The wheels of either the front or rear pair of a truck can be secured securely as it lifts the vehicle off the ground. The vehicle is then suspended free in the air. When the remaining two wheels are in contact with the ground, the vehicle can be towed easier.

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With our company, we can take care of any towing need. In West Los Angeles and surrounding areas, we offer light and medium-duty tow trucks. Each of our tow truck drivers is experienced, friendly, and required to take continuing education courses yearly. Our emergency towing service in West Los Angeles is available to help you in any situation involving towing. Regardless of the reason for your vehicle’s towing, we are capable of retrieving it.

Whenever you need assistance with your camper or delivery truck, West Los Angeles Towing will be there to help. We have been delivering the best service in the area for years. Because of our positive reputation in the community, we are a reliable, go-to source for everything related to towing.

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