Motorcycle Towing

Towing a motorcycle is similar to towing a car. Flexible or rigid trailers can be used. Wire cables are used in the first case, and rigid pipes are used in the second case. When towing a motorcycle, you can use flatbed towing, a vehicle with or without a trailer, or another motorcycle that weighs equal to or more than the towed motorcycle. Unless the full load method is used, the driver stays behind the wheel and drives the vehicle.

Types of Motorcycle Tow Trucks

Specialized vehicles are used for motorcycle towing near me. These are usually closed or open vehicles. Any tow truck type can be selected by the customer at his discretion. An enclosed tow truck will be the safest option. Dirt and road damage can be avoided with this method. Transportation this way is more expensive, but better for long distances. A motorcycle is secured by metal clamps on an open tow truck for flexible or rigid towing, which allows it to be transported while in its original position. Tow trucks are equipped with several fixing sets and are available in different sizes. Thus, multiple motorcycles can be transported at once. A motorcycle competition or two-wheeled vehicle exhibition is especially important in this respect.

Advantage Using Our Motorcycle Towing Service

Towering a motorcycle requires compliance with all the towing rules and the arrangement of special conditions. To accomplish this task, we use special tools and state-of-the-art equipment.

The advantages of motorcycle evacuation by our company:

Depending on the structural features of the motorcycle, scooter, or quadricycle, we can use a reliable fastener system to securely attach it. By doing so, the equipment remains in a vertical position during maneuvers and does not scratch itself against the walls of the tow truck, road surface, or other vehicles.

The closed platform protects the motorcycle from external influences such as sudden temperature changes, hot sun, and strong winds. If a motorcycle cannot move on its own, we provide tow trucks with a lifter winch or manipulator. In this case, the motorcycle can be easily loaded onto the tow truck platform using special loading ramps;

Fast Towing Available Any Time

Motorcycles are delivered without breaks and on weekends around the clock. No matter where you are in the West Los Angeles area, we will transport your vehicle. After receiving an order, we begin searching for suitable special vehicles. We have a variety of tow trucks in our arsenal, so we can transport emergency equipment to all corners of the city. With our quick response time, you won’t have to wait long for help or wait in line to order a tow truck.

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