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It is possible for the car to break down at the most unexpected time. Our company takes orders throughout on a 24-hour basis, sends special equipment promptly and solves problems as they arise! A professional mechanic, a wheel lift tow truck, and new equipment – that’s what gets the job done!

Wheel lift tow trucks feature a trailer dolly, which makes them very convenient to use. They fix the wheels of the car with a small trailer unit. A wheel lift tow truck is the best way to tow a car that cannot drive on its own and cannot be put in neutral! It is reliable, safe, and cost-effective. The tow trucks in this category are smaller and more mobile than flatbed tow trucks, which means they’re less expensive.

What is the Difference between a Wheel Lift Tow Truck and a Flatbed Tow Truck?

With the flatbed tow truck, a faulty car can be loaded on a wide flat platform. There is a pulley system that is attached to the front or rear of the car. Once the pulley starts working, the car moves to the platform. A special clamp is then used by the tow truck driver to secure the car. This type of loading is more expensive than towing, but it is considered to be the safest. The car is fully placed on the platform, so it cannot be damaged by the road surface and foreign objects on the road. Besides, it is the only method of delivering a car with serious damage to the braking and steering systems.

Wheel lift tow trucks near my home are used for minor damage. Towing a car with a soft coupling is much more dangerous because it is more compact and less likely to cause damage to the car. When the rigid clamp is used, only the wheels of the car are touched. With this method, the car can be raised off the ground and brought to a specified location.

Usually, this is known as partial loading. Also, trucks can be transported with this method. Various types of vehicles can be secured and transported with a wheel lift tow truck: cars, off-roaders, minibuses, and even small trucks.

Why Choose Wheel Lift Towing?

We can deliver a wheel lift tow truck fast – we own a large fleet of vehicles that we can send across the city simultaneously. A careful evaluation is carried out by experienced mechanics by all applicable rules and regulations. The car is carefully delivered to the specified location with the help of special fasteners, so the chance of the car falling off is minimal;

Wheel lift tow trucks will do their best to help you deal with any unpleasant situation on the road! Using modern vehicles and equipment, as well as knowledgeable staff, we can conduct a careful and safe evacuation. Since we are familiar with towing different types of vehicles, we can anticipate any difficulties in advance, preventing damage to your car!

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